Organic Farming Organic Farming

The FERTIMANURE project provides policy-relevant information and data to demonstrate the suitability of its BBFs for organic farming.

The project intends to start discussions on adapting regulations to recognize certain BBFs as authorized fertilizing products for organic farming, promoting sustainability and future food security.

To that aim, among FERTIMANURE BBFs, 3 BBFs were recognised to have potential to be authorised for such use: organic soil conditioner from cattle manure digestate (NL), biochar from cattle dung (DE) and biostimulants from the microalgae cultivated over reverse osmosis permeate recovered from pig slurry.

As tangible outputs of the work developed within this assessment, 3 dossiers of the products identified were developed following the procedure established by the Commission requesting the amendment of the Annex II of the Implementing Regulation EC/2021/1165.

The dossiers include information on the product's composition, origin of raw materials, manufacturing procedure, mode of action, potential risks, and compatibility with organic farming practices.