A first semester of activities

A first semester of activities

Over the first months of the project, the FERTIMANURE consortium has focused its attention on data-gathering and coordination activities to set the stage for later activities. 
Within WP1, the partners have conducted data-gathering on animal densities and rates of nutrient and manure generation within the pilot regions. This information will be used in later analyses on scenarios for nutrient management and life cycle analyses for the formulation of appropriate business plans.  
Despite the difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, partners are working hard to maintain schedules for the construction and initiation of the pilot plants.
The WP leaders are optimistic that schedules can be maintained without any significant delays.
Main activities over the next few months until the close of the year will include the preparation of the pilots, the set-up of protocols and standardisation for characterization of bio-based fertilisers and products, initial estimates of product characteristics and possible compositions of tailor-made fertilisers, and other coordinated activities for data-gathering of information which is used as inputs for the formulation of business plans and life cycle analysis.