As part of communication activities, the public deliverables were published on the project’s website. 8 deliverables have been published on the website so far:   

D1.1 Report on Flow Assessment, Logistics, and Characterisation of Many and By-products, which aims to identify and quantify current manure production in the participating European Union (EU) countries and regions.  

D1.2 Report on the Market Landscape Analysis and End-user Preferences in the Project-Participating EU States, which aims to perform a market landscape analysis and detect the issues that could be of importance for the future sector development and the evaluation of the end-user preferences.  

D1.3 Report on the BBF Regulatory Framework in the EU and the CELAC Countries, which aims to determine the differences between EU fertiliser regulations (EC) No 2003/2003 and (EC) 2019/1009, as well as compare the old regulation to the environmental regulations in Argentina and Chile.  

D1.4 Report on the Nutrient Imbalance Analysis, which aims to review the literature of nutrient imbalances between regions in Europe and to better predict where the nutrients recovered in FERTIMANURE can contribute, in the long-term sustainability of production agriculture.  

D1.5 Report on Capitalisation of Relevant Project Results, which aims to identify the on-going and finished projects related to manure in the field of nutrient recycling, manure management, bio-based fertilisers, and dissemination.  

D6.1 Plan for Exploitation and Dissemination of Results (1st version), that aims to set the impact pathway of FERTIMANURE since the start of the project.  

D7.3 Communication and Dissemination Material, which aims to showcase the project in every event, conference, webinar, etc that any of the FERTIMANURE project partners will be attending throughout the duration of the project.  

D8.2 Data Management Plan, which aims to establish the procedures and plans for handling data generated through the FERTIMANURE project.