Visiting the Dutch on-farm pilot

Visiting the Dutch on-farm pilot

The FERTIMANURE project has implemented 5 on-farm pilots in Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, and in The Netherlands, that will recover nutrients from cattle manure, pig slurry, and poultry manure

Yesterday, the FERTIMANURE project partners visited, for the first time, the Dutch on-farm pilot plant that is located in the city of Haarlo - in the east of The Netherlands (Farm of Arjan Prinsen).

This pilot is fully operational and it is recovering nutrients from cattle manure for the production of 5 bio-based fertilisers

Definition of Bio-based fertilisers (BBFs): Bio-based fertilisers (BBFs) are fertilising products or a component to be used in the production of (Tailor-Made) Fertilisers that are derived from biomass-related resources. The BBFs of FERTIMANURE are “obtained through a physical, thermal/thermo-chemical, chemical, and/or biological processes for the treatment of manure or digestate that result into a change in composition due to a change in concentration of nutrients and their ratios compared to the input material(s) in order to get better marketable products providing farmers with nutrients of sufficient quality”. However, just separation of manure in a solid and liquid fraction (as first processing step) is excluded. These products are not conceived as a BBF, although they are valuable sources to supply nutrients on agricultural land.