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Acronym Project Current status Type of project Categories Keywords
Phosphate Recovery theme Phosphate recovery from iron phosphate and iron based phosphate adsorbents On going National End products, Technology Manure, Phosphate, Waste waters
PeGaSus Phosphorus efficiency in Gallus gallus and Sus scrofa: bridging the gaps in the phosphorus value chain On going European Management, Organic waste Livestock, Phosphorous
REFLOW Phosphorus REcovery for FertiLisers frOm dairy processing Waste On going European End products, Organic waste Bio based fertilizers, Phosphorous, Recycle
FIX-PHOS Phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge with calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) National End products Anaerobic digestion, Sturvite
Phos4You Phosporous recovery from waste water Finished European End products, Organic waste Fertilizers, Phosphorous, Recycle
PILOT-ABP Pilot plant for environmentally friendly animal by-products industries Finished European End products, Technology Biodiesel, Biorefinery, Technologies
BSR WATER Platform on Integrated Water Cooperation On going European Dissemination Management, Water
PProduct Potential of sewage sludge phosphorus in plant production Finished National End products Fertilizers, Sludge bound phosphorus
Phos4Life Process for phosphorus recovery process from sewage sludge incineration ash National Technology Phosphorous, Sewage sludge incineration ash
ByProtVal Protein recovery and recycling from animal by-products processes On going European End products, Organic waste Biostimulants, Protein hydrolyzed, Sandach