FERTIMANURE’s publishes the e-Newsletter #3 in #German #Italian #Spanish #French #Croatian #Catalan

FERTIMANURE’s publishes the e-Newsletter #3 in #German #Italian #Spanish #French #Croatian #Catalan

FERTIMANURE uploaded the e-Newsletter No. 3 in the following Consortium languages: 








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The mission of the FERTIMANURE project is to provide innovative solutions (technology, end-products, and business models) that solve real issues, i.e., the manure challenge, and help farmers address the challenges that they are currently facing. FERTIMANURE will set up 5 on-farm pilots in 5 different EU countries. Valorising manure from 3 different types of feedstocks, FERTIMANURE will develop, integrate, test, and validate innovative nutrient management strategies to efficiently recover and reuse nutrients and other products with agronomic value from manure, to ultimately obtain reliable and safe fertilisers able to compete in the EU fertiliser market.