3rd large-scale event in Italy

3rd large-scale event in Italy

3rd large-scale event in Italy:

The third large-scale event will take place in Rimini, Italy on November 9 2023 as part of the Communication and Dissemination activities of the project.  

This event will be performed as part of Ecomondo, the reference in Europe for the ecological transtion and the new models of circular and regenerative economy. The programme will include the following sessions*:

  1. Bio-based fertiliser products - biorefineries, agronomic performance and regulation
  2. Busines plans and models
  3. Manure management tools

*see details of the programme by clicking on the following link: FERTIMANURE. From farm to market: Upcycling manure to improved fertilising products (ecomondo.com)

Why 4 large-scale events ?

The purpose of the 4 large-scale events is the dissemination of the FERTIMANURE project results. These will be organised in different regions represented in the consortium in order to engage at the largest scale possible with the stakeholders of the FERTIMANURE project. These 4 large-scale events will be organised in ·      

  • Large-scale event 1: the Netherlands (Manuresource conference 2022)
  • Large-scale event 2: Argentina (March 2023)
  • Large-scale event 3 : Italy (November 2023)
  • Large-scale event 4: Belgium (April 2024)

as a way to promote the project results and innovations. These events are an opportunity to involve national and international experts and also related projects. They are also a way of pushing exchange between the project and a wide range of stakeholders across the whole value chain, and to foster knowledge transfer among them. The aim of those events is to engage at once with many stakeholders, share knowledge and best practices with them, through matchmaking activities, plenary sessions, and specific workshops.

Special attention will be given to replication and exploitation potential in CELAC region to evaluate how FERTIMANURE solutions can provide real solutions to this region where Livestock sector has a high relevance.

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