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Acronym Project Current status Type of project Categories Keywords
Newfert Nutrient recovery from biobased Waste for fertiliser production Finished European End products, Technology Fertilizers, Waste
ReuseWaste Nutrient recovery from manure Finished European Dissemination Animal wastes, Fertilizers, Livestock, Technologies
Nurec4org Nutrient recyclates for organic farming Finished National Organic waste Phosphorous
Nutrient Neutral Municipality Nutrient recycling tool for municipalities and regions Finished National Dissemination, Management Nutrient neutral municipality, Recycle
ReNu2Farm Nutrient Recycling – from pilot production to farms and fields On going European End products, Technology Fertilizers, Recycle, Technologies
BioRaEE Nutrients, energy and livelihood from biogas plants to rural areas Finished National End products, Technology Biogas, Impact assessment
Ochre and biochar research Ochre and biochar: technologies for phosphorus capture and re-use Finished National End products, Technology Biochar, Fertilizers, Phosphorous, Wastewater
RAÏM On-site valorization alternatives of sewage sludge in vineyard soils, within the framework of the circular economy On going National End products, Organic waste Bio based fertilizers, Organic waste, Recycle
VALODIM Optimal Valorization of Digestate with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium recovery Finished National Management, Technology Digestate, Nutrient recovery techniques
PROTERR Optimize organic products use at a territorial scale Finished National Management Organic products, Training