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Acronym Project Current status Type of project Categories Keywords
ManeV Evaluation of manure management and treatment technology for environmental protection and sustainable livestock farming in Europe Finished European Management, Technology Ghg emissions, Pig manure, Technology, Treatment sytems
Nutrient recovery Grødaland Evaluation of technologies for nutrient recovery at Grødaland biogas plant in Rogaland, Norway. Finished National Technology Discharge, Nutrient recovery, Struvite production
ETYC Evaluation of treatment strategy and agricultural recycling of organic matter from farming systems with a major role on climate change mitigation Finished National Management, Organic waste Environmental assessment, Recycle
FATIMA FArming Tools for external nutrient Inputs and water Management Finished European Management Modular technology package
Normative Manure System Finnish tool to calculate manure quantity and quality Finished National Organic waste, Technology Housing, Manure
Manure Nutrient Calculator Finnish tool to to plan regional manure nutrient recycling Finished National End products, Technology Fertilizers, Organic waste, Recycle
Formulation of an environmentally neutral E-FORTE fertilizer, from biomass from PTAS Finished International
INTERFUTURE From microbial interactions to new-concept biopesticides and biofertilizers On going European Dissemination, End products Microbe-host interaction, Microorganisms, Volatile organic compounds
Sludge2Soil From sewage sludge to fertilizers and soil improvers Finished National End products Fertilizers, Sewage sludge
Ferti-Mine From waste to fertilizer - phosphorus and carbon waste mining as nutrient recycling strategy for the future Finished National Organic waste, Technology Fertilizers, Phosphorous, Recycle