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Acronym Project Current status Type of project Categories Keywords
Life Resafe Innovative fertilizer from urban waste, bio-char and farm residues as substitute of chemicals fertilizers Finished European Organic waste, Technology Bio based fertilizers, Recycle, Technologies
IMBIO Innovative Manure Biofertilizers Finished European End products Bio based fertilizers, Chicken manure
In-BRIEF Integrated business model for turning Bio-waste and sewage sludge into renewable energy and agri-urban fertilisers Finished European Management Business model, Energy production, Fertilizers
Smart Fertirrigation Integrated pig manure digestate processing for direct injection of organic liquid fertiliser into irrigation systems Finished European End products, Technology Diet, Fertilizers, Management, Pigs
NITROMAN Interreg Vlaanderen Nederland On going European End products, Technology Contamination reduction
FERPODE Introduction in the market of a new high quality organic fertilizer obtained by the use of poultry dejection Finished European End products, Organic waste Bio based fertilizers, Organic waste, Recycle
Phosphorus Science Campus Leibniz ScienceCampus Rostock Phosphorus research National Dissemination Phosphorous, Technologies
ExtraPhos Low temperature CO2 phosphorus extraction from sewage sludge to produce phosphoric acid (Budenheim process) National End products, Technology Baking powder foaming agents, Sewage sludge
APRE Management of organic waste using anaerobic co-digestion for its recycling as organic fertiliser Finished European End products, Management Bio based fertilizers, Recycle, Technologies
Management of solid waste generated from the work in a mobile work unit through an approved procedure and protocol for compost processing, replicable to other future experiences in the country Finished International