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Acronym Project Current status Type of project Categories Keywords
MANUREECOMINE Green fertilizer upcycling from manure: Technological, economic and environmental sustainability demonstration Finished European End products Bio based fertilizers, Market, Recycle
Nutricycle Green fertilizers from digestate and manure Finished National End products, Organic waste Digestate, Fertilizers, Manure, Recycle
SLURRY-MAX Holistic decision support for slurry storage and treatment Finished National Dissemination, Technology Fertilizers, Slurry
INEMAD Improved Nutrient and Energy Management through Anaerobic Digestion Finished European Management
IMPROVE-P Improved Phosphorus Resource efficiency in Organic agriculture Via recycling and Enhanced biological mobilization Finished National Dissemination Organic farming, Phosphorus, Urban nutrient recycling
FERTIPORC Improvement of the liquid fraction of pig slurry and application through localized irrigation Finished National Organic waste, Technology Contamination reduction, Macrophyc plants, Natural purification, Technologies
SUBP-GAN Improvement of the management, valorization and Marketing of livestock by-products through Innovation On going National Management Contamination reduction, Intensive greenhouse cultivation
RE-LIVEWASTE Improving innovation capacities of private and public actors for sustainable and profitable Recycling of LIVEstock WASTE On going European End products, Technology Bio based fertilizers, Struvite
Effluents d'Elevage Improving livestock effluents characterization by innovating methods and models for a better agronomic assessment Finished National End products, Organic waste Agronomic assessment, Fertilizers, Livestock
A_Propeau Includes phosphorus filtering from artificially drained agricultural fields Finished European Dissemination Cultivation, Horticulture