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Acronym Project Current status Type of project Categories Keywords
LEMNA Duckweed technology for improving nutrient management and resource efficiency in pig production systems Finished European Management, Technology Anaerobic digestion, Biogas, Pig manure
Teholanta Efficient and sustainable use of poultry manure Finished National Organic waste, Technology Manure, Poultry, Sustainability
Circular Agronomics Efficient carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycling in the european agri-food system and related up- and down-stream prcoesses to mitigate emissions On going European Management Nutrient flow
P-ENG Efficient phosphate recovery from agro waste streams by enzyme, strain, and process engineering Finished National Organic waste, Technology Enzymes, Phosphate
- Ekiji: anaerobic fermentation of agricultural waste for the production of biofertilizers Finished International End products Anaerobic digestion
EDASK ElectroDialytic recovery of sludge incineration ashes (Danish: ElektroDialytisk genanvendelse af slamASKe) Finished National Technology Lectrodialetic process, Phosphorous, Sewage sludge
- Energy recovery of agricultural waste in the Province of Valdivia, integrated into a sustainable supply management system, for the production of biogas in centralized cogeneration units, biofertilizers and reduction of pollutants Finished International Management Biogas, Energy
TURKISTEHO Enhanced use of fur animal manure Finished European Management, Organic waste Bio based fertilizers, Manure, Recycle
EURoot Enhancing Resource Uptake from Roots Under Stress in Cereal Crops Finished European Dissemination Genetics, Root traits, Soil properties
SOERE PRO Environmental impacts of recycle organic waste products on cultivated ecosystems On going National Organic waste Open access, Organic waste, Recycle