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Acronym Project Current status Type of project Categories Keywords
ALG-AD Combining algal and anaerobic digestion technology to reduce and reuse nutrient rich digestate converting nutrients to create algal biomass for sustainable animal feeds On going European End products, Technology Algae, Anaerobic digestion, Recycle
PARTAGE Complete the nitrogen cycle in the region Grand Est On going National Management Organic nitrogen
DEEP PURPLE Conversion of diluted mixed urban bio-wastes into sustainable materials and products in flexible purple photo biorefineries On going European Organic waste Photobiorefineries, Phototropic bacteria, Urban waste
Combine Converting Organic Matters from European urban and natural areas into storable bio-Energy Finished European Organic waste, Technology Renewable energies
BONUS MICROALGAE Cost efficient algal cultivation systems โ€“ A source of emission control and industrial development Finished European End products Microalgae, Recycle, Waste waters
CANTOGETHER Crops and ANimals TOGETHER Finished European Dissemination Mixed farming systems
URBIOFIN Demonstration of an integrated innovative biorefinery for the transformation of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into new BioBased products On going European End products, Technology Additives, Biopolymers, Biorefinery, Chemical building blocks
DeBugger Demonstration of efficient Biomass Use for Generation of Green Energy and Recovery of Nutrients Finished European End products, Organic waste Farmyard manure, Fertilizers, Human waste, Technologies
DOP Demonstrative model of circular economy process in a high quality dairy industry On going European End products, Organic waste Diary cattle, Fertilizers, Livestock, Manure
ENZYTECH Design of Enzymatic Technologies of plant origin to obtain low risk bioactive molecules with biostimulant or phytosanitary activity.- Finished National End products, Technology Bio based fertilizers, Enzymes, Technologies